Reliability to Meet Your Need for Uninterrupted Service

Ameridose is equipped to produce and deliver your order of any size to any location nationwide with our customary speed - no matter what.

Facility Redundancy

  • Ameridose maintains multiple facilities equally equipped to meet all customer needs.  Facilities are totally supported by backup generators.  These mirror facilities each have the capacity to produce 100% of the medications required by our customers at any given moment, without interruption.  All facilities, utilities, security systems, information technology, personnel, vendors and suppliers are fully redundant.

Operational Integrity

  • Ameridose’s facilities are equipped with Backup Power Generators capable of powering the entire facility during power outages of any duration.  All utility feeds, including water, electricity and gas are designed with excess capacity and fail safe mechanisms.
  • Ameridose employs a wide-range of inbound and outbound product transportation providers to insure flows continue should any one provider ever be unable to meet our service expectations. In addition, Ameridose has emergency programs in place that specify routing changes in the case of an area event.
  • Multiple vendors safeguard our ability to procure medications and receive services as we need them. Ameridose buys its ingredients from FDA-registered vendors that meet rigorous approval criteria for quality and reliability. We are contracted with all major vendors in the industry and utilize vetted secondary vendors to ensure continuity.
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