Can Food Help Us with Maintaining the Right Amount Of microorganisms In Our Body?

It is not just our digestive systems that benefit from the good bacteria in our guts, matter of fact is, microbial are effective in keeping the overall health of a person in check. Living microorganisms helps our body in building a strong immune system, and keep a balanced amount of good and bad bacteria in our body. It prevents obesity, and avoids illness and infections. Probiotic supplements also help the body to recover after suffering from serious illness or help neutralize the effects of heavy antibiotic (1)

It is an established fact that probiotic are good for our health, and while most of us depend upon probiotic supplements to maintain the right amount of good bacteria in our body, there are also various food items that can help us with this.

Here’s a list of probiotic foods and how they can help us maintain good health:

1.    Kefir:

Very similar to yogurt–more like drinkable yogurt–Kefir contains lactobacilli and Bifidus, and serves as a great antioxidant. 

2.    Tempeh:

According to this probiotic food ranking, tempeh is a grain rich with probiotic, and an excellent substitute for meat. So if vegetarians are worried about their probiotic intake, they can always crumble a tempeh on their salad, and enjoy their healthy meal. Tempeh is also rich with vitamin B12, so it’s a win-win.

3.    Miso:

Miso is a fermented food made with lactic acid, and is rich in probiotic. It is abundantly used by Japanese in their medicines, and is a great source of dealing with digestive issues. It also makes a great soup.

4.    Microalgae:

Fans of seafood will love to add these microalgae in their everyday drinks. Microalgae are sea plants, and a rich source of probiotic. So if you happen to be close to the sea, just swim in, and get yourself a probiotic food.

5.    Poi:

If you are on a trip to Hawaii, and forgot to bring your probiotic supplement then no worries. Poi is a traditional meal of Hawaiians, and contains almost as much probiotic as in yogurt. Poi serves as a natural source of probiotic.

6.    Yogurt:

Yogurt being a probiotic is not a surprise to anyone. In fact, most of us only know yogurt to be the only natural probiotic food that is easily available to us.  While there are many flavored and fancy yogurts available in the market these days, the best source of probiotic is a handmade one. Yogurt is the most convenient source of probiotic, and  helps in regulating digestion. Yogurt is also very tasty and makes for a good breakfast.

7.    Sauerkraut:

Unpasteurized sauerkraut is an excellent probiotic food. It is made with fermented cabbage, and is not only healthy and rich in probiotic, but it is also loaded with vitamins that can help build up our immune system, and prevent all kinds of malicious infections from approaching us.   

So if you ever run out of probiotic supplements at hand then you know which food can help you regain health, and help maintain all the good bacteria in your system.

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