Outsourcing Advantages

Strategic Use of Outsourcing Just Makes Sense

Improved Patient Safety

  • Patient-ready, unit dose preparations are not only convenient, but have been demonstrated to enhance patient safety in the hospital setting. Access to ready-to-use preparations ensures minimal on-floor and OR admixing, as well as proper formulation and consistent labeling - all potent factors in creating the safest possible patient care environment.1
  • In evaluating IV delivery system safety, studies have shown that health-system staff identify manufacturer-prepared IV delivery systems as the best option for minimization of both adverse drug events and patient/employee risk.2  Manufacturers offer an optimal compounding environment with exceptionally low risk of contamination.3
  • Ameridose’s rigorous manufacturing process controls ensure the highest standards in preparation accuracy, exceeding USP <797> requirements and meeting the demanding standards of cGMP. Licensed pharmacists supervise our certified and registered technicians throughout product preparation and are responsible for verifying and releasing all final products. You can be confident that your patients are receiving the very best preparations, and you can spend more of your time focusing on patient care.
  • Our best-in-class labeling offers easy identification to ensure accurate medication selection, while additional safety features provide further peace of mind. Our preparation packaging helps you comply with The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals.
    • Oversized fonts on medication name and strength
    • Bold, ISMP-recommended TALL-man lettering
    • NDC barcode
    • American Society of Anesthesiologists-endorsed ASTM color-coding by drug class
    • Horizontal and vertical formatting of medication name on OR syringes
    • Tamper-evident caps and overwrap on most products
  • Ameridose contracts with all major vendors to meet client needs and ensure product verification, so that you always know what you are getting.

Time Management

  • Strategic outsourcing can allow you to take control of your time. Outsourcing your high-volume, difficult-to-prepare, and/or labor-intensive preparations can free up hood time and ease staff workload so that staff time can be allocated most effectively. The real-time stability testing conducted by many major outsourcers can result in longer usable dating, minimizing retrieval time on floors.
  • Outsourcing can help to reduce the time spent sourcing short-supply medications, due to a more centralized sourcing solution. Perusing the broadest product selection in the industry, over 2,200 products, you are likely to find what you need. A recent ASHP study places median hospital pharmacy hours spent on short-supply sourcing at 17 hours per week.4

Cost Benefit

  • In addition, our customers tell us that outsourcing with Ameridose saves them money by reducing their pharmacy waste. By using Ameridose services, your pharmacy can reduce medication waste and the daily disposal of unused 24-hour admixtures and partial use clean room vials.
  • Reduce the liability and worry around controlled substance management with the safety of premeasured unit doses, tamper-evident packaging, and easier accountability, while meeting the demands of OR, ER, anesthesia, and inpatient floors. Ameridose can meet all your controlled substance admixing needs.
  • You can order just what you need, confident that your order will be delivered on time. Our real-time stability program and prompt shipping service provide our customers with outstanding shelf life. The reduced retrievals from patient floors and pharmacy shelves for disposal will save valuable time for your pharmacy technicians. You will not need to discard admixed products that were recently ordered.

Case Studies

  • A study conducted by Chui, Lin, Ivy, McArter, Chui on IV drug waste at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and presented at the Summer 2009 American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists Meeting concluded that drug waste cost an average of $49,977 per month for the medical center.5 Annualized, this would be close to $600,000 per year. A Weinger study focusing on waste in the operating room spanned a two-week period and 166 procedures. Waste of IV anesthesia drugs based on purchase price totaled $1802, or $46,852 per year.6

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